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Couple of weeks ago I spent few days in the Trappist monastery Novy Dvur. I wasn’t there just to take pictures, but still the old Leica was in my pocket. Here I would like to share some images.

All these images were shot on one single roll of Eastman Kodak 5231 Plus-X film (rather odd choice of film for such weather, I admit), developed in Tetenal Neofin Blau.

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The last year was – among other things – year of my discovery of medium format. I wanted to try the 6×6 square format as well as Twin Lens Reflex camera shooting. Therefore I purchased an old, battered Rolleiflex a pack of rolls of Ilford Delta 100 and ran “into the wild”.. Here are some of the results, in more or less chronological order.


First walk with the Rolleiflex along the Vltava river in Prague


Cross at the side of the road to the trappist monastery Novy Dvur


Munich, Germany – Olympia Park


Alpine river, during a summer evening walk (Bivio, Switzerland)


Another evening walk through the same village.


Alpine scenery is inevitable in Switzerland.. One of less cliché places – Alp Flix.



BTW, Happy New Year!

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This is something everyone knows. But still it will sometimes surprise us.

I am now changing the platform for this petite photoblog, switching from Posterous to WordPress, so it might be that posts won’t appear in much of a logical order. I will be reposting some images that were posted on the former site and in between post some new (which doesn’t mean they will be recently shot – after several months hard work on finishing my thesis I have huge backlog of unprocessed images and need to sort them out).

Anyway, here is how the early winter looked like:

I even managed to set up my dark(bath)room again, here is one of the results, printed of Fomatone paper.

There is plenty of snow in the city all the time

But only seldom such glorious light

But even in such a light one is not allowed to go trespassing. 🙂

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Although winter has come quite early this year (or should I say last year), thanks to photography I can still remember the beauty of the autumn. Here is a couple of shots from the last autumn, may they bring you a bit of cozy warm light.

Autumn is time of wonderful light

With leaves everywhere

I mean, really everywhere

Even bathing in pools of water

And playing hide’n’seek


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early saturday mornint

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